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07 DE ENERO DE 2010

New BCU from Lingg&Janke for energy meters
Lingg&Janke has updated their BCU compatible with Kamstrup energy meters, which provides much more information from the energy meters than the old BCU. The most important functions are:

- Active and reactive metering
- Energy consumption and also energy received (ej: solar plates)
- Up to 8 tariff management
- Thresholds for almost all measurements
- Establish due date for metering
- And much more…

The application program has up to 100 communication objects, which may be functional depending on the Kamstrup’s energy meter used (not all energy meters have all the information).

We are also glad to announce that this new energy meters with the updated BCU will keep the same price as the old ones.

The first units will be ready for shipment shortly but orders can be made starting from today.
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More news in 2010
More interesting news as from the 7th of January…

Till then, happy Holidays and let's hope for a fantastic 2010 for all KNX professionals!
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And the Iddero displays go to…
The D day has arrived and today the three winners of the Iddero draw have been picked under the supervision of a notary public (Mr. Francisco José Román Aylló, from San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain) at 14:30.

And these are the lucky KNX system integrators who will get to know this great touch display personally:

• Mr. Francisco Picazo Hernández (Company: Cettec Instalaciones Inteligentes), from Spain

• Mr. Patrick Beyeler (Company: BKW ISP), from Switzerland

• Mr. Mohammed Shaban (Company: EC), from the United Arab Emirates

Contratulations to you all!

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your brand new touch panels (and it would be great if you could give some feedback for all users to have a first hand and unbiased opinion)

Just keep visiting this web site because we definitely have other events coming up…
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The 4th Generation of the ETS
There is a lot going on at the KNX Association (and the KNX world) at present and we reckon there is more to come in the next months! One of the matters concerning KNX professionals most are changes relating the ETS and it seems that these are very close by.

Actually, the 4th generation for the manufacturer’s version has recently been released and can be purchased now. The ETS3 manufacturer workspaces and also the ETS2 manufacturer tool have officially been replaced by the KNX Manufacturer Tool 4.0.

The main features of the new software are:
•    It allows registration/ certification documentation in electronic form.
•    It allows creation of product databases for ETS3 and also for the upcoming ETS4.

And this leads us to what’s important for system integrators: there also is a release date for the new ETS4: 13th April 2010 (light & building, Frankfurt) is the big day. The presentation will be made at the Forum at the Frankfurt Fair grounds.
Once we have more information about the new software, we will let you know on this very spot.
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KNX Awards 2010
KNX Association International ( has recently announced that applications can now be handed in for the KNX Award 2010, which will be granted at the light&building fair 2010 in Frankfurt.

The KNX Award is granted in recognition for the smartest international KNX projects in home and building control, which stand out as regards innovation and technical progress.

Applications for any of the six categories are welcome from around the world:
•    International Award
•    National Award
•    Publicity Award
•    Energy Efficiency Award
•    Young Award
•    Special Award

Price money: 1000 € in each category

Deadline for submission: Friday, 29 January 2010

KNX Award 2010 Ceremony: Tuesday 13th April 2010 at 18.30

General information
More information
Application form
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